ConnectiCon Guest Comic!!!

Here's how Your's truly decided to start the whole thing...

Liz Groenveld of Stuff Sucks!!

Damien of Novablade Studios and Mines Bigger!!!

Here's one from the guys at Least I Could Do

Holy mother of god.... it's Daze In A Haze!

My $12.50 brother Mikh from ...And Then You Die

Derrik from Comicimation!

Andre Lukianoff

VG Cats!

*Unknown* I can't remember who did this one... Please e-mail me to let me know....

Rusty Haller!!

Last one by Comedity!

Thats it folks.... we had a blast thats for sure... I wasn't able to put up MacHall's contribution because it was pencilled waaay too lightly and I couldn't get it to scan well... Sorry guys.... Can't wait to see you all next year!!!!!


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